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Why should you consider rehabilitation for your pet?

If you had a sprained ankle, knee surgery, shoulder injury, a stroke, arthritis or a sore back you would see a physiotherapist for treatment and rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovery and return to all activities of daily living.

So why not have rehabilitation for your pet?  They can have all of the above conditions too.  It is just as important for your pet’s recovery as it is to yours.  Rehabilitation will relieve pain and restore function more quickly therefore enhancing the quality of life for your pet.

What are the benefits of rehabilitation for your pet?

Pain Relief:  Various pain relief techniques used for many conditions including arthritis, acute or chronic injuries, spinal degeneration and spinal disc disease.

Improve range of motion in all joints including the spine:  This helps reduce pain and increase your dog’s mobility, ability to play, work or compete.

Increased muscle strength:  This improves co-ordination of movement assisting with strengthening, return to former function and injury prevention.

Post-Operative Care:  Guidance of the prescribed exercises maximizing recovery and return to former function.

Improved Quality of Life for your pet: Your pet deserves the best quality of life you can give them.

Treatments Available
Joint and spinal mobilizations and manipulations:  Manual techniques used to increase range of motion, reduce pain in joints and restore function.  These techniques are used very successfully with old arthritic dogs, dogs with disc disease, post orthopaedic surgeries.  Some of these techniques can be taught to owners maximizing the benefits of the treatments.

Neurological Rehabilitation:  These techniques normalizes muscle tone, inhibits primitive postural reactions and facilitates advanced postural reactions. It promotes the development of normal postures and movements.

Exercise programs: specifically developed for your pet and are always given with other treatments.  These programs are progressive as your pet improves and gains strength.  A home program will be given to owners to follow on a daily basis.

Laser Therapy:  This resolves inflammation giving pain relief and increase tensile strength of the tissues.  Excellent for post-operative pain, sprains, ligament, tendon and joint injuries.

Acupuncture:  Endorphin release for pain relief in various conditions.  It is often used in conjunction with other modalities and manual therapies.

Ultrasound: Increases the blood supply and decreases inflammation.  Effective for acute soft tissue injuries, chronic inflammation, scar tissue adhesions, tendonitis and ligament injuries.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation:  For muscle action re-education and strengthening.  Excellent after joint surgeries and for some neurological conditions.

TENS:  Stimulates the release of endorphins for chronic pain relief.  Excellent for the old arthritic dog and is often used in conjunction with manual therapy techniques and laser therapy.

Whether your pet is large or small, young or old, sedentary or an athlete the benefits of rehabilitation will give your pet the best quality of life possible.

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